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4 Ways to Expand Your Residential Asphalt Driveway

The current shape of your driveway does not have to be a permanent installation. If you own the land that surrounds multiple sides of a driveway, then you can use professional asphalt services to expand your driveway.

Get some ideas for ways to expand your driveway and use the ideas directly or come up with a few of your own.

1. Recreational Expansion

If you enjoy sports like basketball or street hockey, then you can expand your driveway to include an area just for those activities. You do not need to worry about shuffling cars around just to make room to play basketball. An expanded driveway can include a rectangular section that branches off and connects to the regular driveway.

The smooth surface can also avoid a lot of potholes, grooves, and cracks because the area will not be prone to vehicle use. Once the asphalt is placed and dries fully, you can paint lines directly on the material for use with sports like basketball. Or, if you have kids who roller skate or ride bikes, the open space gives them more room to move around.

Take advantage of your available space to make the pavement area as large as you need.

2. Extra Car Lane

Each time you go to leave the house, you may be frustrated as you shuffle cars around to make room for a blocked car to drive from the driveway. Help reduce a majority of those problems with an extra car lane. An extra car lane would essentially double the amount of space within the driveway and give you more room to park.

When you hold holiday events or celebrations, you will also have a lot of extra space so you don't need to worry about guests parking on the street or on your lawn and creating tire tracks.

3. Delivery and Pickup Service Area

Consider adding a small square patch near the end of your driveway for an ideal delivery and pickup service area. The asphalt would connect directly to the driveway and help with daily needs.

For example, you could have a place to put trash cans and recycling bins. The expanded asphalt makes the bins easy to roll, and you do not need to worry about placing the items in the snow or mud.

You could also use the area for package and delivery drop-offs. Once the asphalt is placed, you can put a package drop box on the paved area. Delivery workers can place boxes inside the drop box. Other delivery options may include any food or groceries for your home. You can place a large open bin on the paved area so deliveries go smoothly and you have a set location for items each time.

4. Driveway Edge Expansion

If do not want to expand the size of your whole driveway, you can expand the edges of the driveway so the entrance is wider. Overhead, an expanded driveway would look similar to a funnel and provide an easier way to turn into the driveway.

During the winter months, a driveway may have snow piles built up from plows and shoveling. A wider driveway will make it easier to clear snow and have a proper opening for the driveway. The edge expansion will also prevent you from tearing up a lawn as you pull into a driveway or reverse out of the area.

Contact us at Arrow Black Top & Masonry, Inc., to find out more information about our asphalt and paving services. We will help you plan and decide on the best ways to expand your driveway. Our high-quality paving will last for years in the future.